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Getting Started

Rod License

Before you get started with fishing it is really important to be aware that you will need a license for catching certain types of fish. Anyone over the age of 12 years will need one if they are fishing for freshwater fish, salmon, trout or eels. These can be bought at post offices or online. There are hefty fines for fishing without a license. You can buy a 12 month license of a 1 or 8 day license so you will need to consider which will be the most useful to you.

Fishing Seasons

You also need to be aware that there are seasons in fishing. The closed fishing season runs from 15th March to 15th June and applies to rivers, drains and streams in England and Wales and you must not fish during that time. It does not apply to still waters and canals normally, but there may be some exceptions, so it is well worth checking. Angling clubs may also have their own rules about this as well.


It is well worth considering where you will be fishing. You may want to catch a particular type of fish and will therefore need to go to a place where you will find them. It could be that you want to join an angling club and fish in their waters. This will all impact what tackle you will need to buy.

Basic Tackle

This is the equipment used and there are all sorts of items such as rods, reels, floats, weights, hooks and lines. It used to be simple with a line and hook but now there are also sorts of different types of rods, lines, hooks etc which makes it quite complicated when you are choosing the items that you want to buy. What you need will be determined by the type of water you are fishing in, the type of fish you want to catch, the method of fishing you want to try.
  • Rods – There are hundreds of rods to choose from which means that it will be really daunting. It can be good to go to a shop and see what is available and that will help you to choose what might be the best for you. Prices vary a lot and you might be wise to set a budget before you shop and go to a local tackle shop, explain what type of fishing you want to do, let them know your budget and they will be able to show you the types of items that will suit you the best. It is important to not only think about the type of fish, type of fishing and type of water but also get the right length that will be comfortable for you.
  • Reels – These are mounted on the handle of the rod and hold the fishing line. There are different types reels for catching different types of fish. If you know what type of fish you want to catch, this will therefore make it easier to pick one. It is well worth having someone who knows something about them with you or ask the shop worker to help you to pick. Again, you will need to set a budget as there is a big price range.
  • Lines – This is the cord that holds the hook and it can be made from different materials and in different diameters. A thinner like will be less visible but more likely to break and so it is important to get the right type. You will also need to note its UV resistance, knot strength, stretch and abrasion resistance. They are normally manmade and some are made from less visible materials as well as double strength ones and some that are specific to certain types of fishing.
  • Hooks – These vary in size and you will pick them depending on the type of fish that you are catching as well as the type of bait that you are using. There is also a choice between barbed and barbless hooks and the barbless ones make it easier to release the fish and they do not harm the fish as much.
  • Floats – These are attached to the fishing line and will move when a fish takes the bait and so it is an alert to the angler that there is a fish that is interested. There are different floats for different types of fishing. Although they are pretty cheap, it is still worth making sure that you get the right one.
You will also need to think about how you will carry your equipment and what bait you will use and whether you will make it or buy it.