Fishing Tackle You Need for Freshwater Float Fishing

Coarse fishing is some of the most popular, so it is likely that many people reading this will be choosing to do it. Float fishing is also a popular method to catch these fish, but if you want to do so, then you will need to get the right equipment. It is well worth asking anyone you know that is an angler to help you and finding a local tackle shop and just going in to ask questions can also help. But this is the basics of what you will need :-

Fishing Rod

You will probably want a 12 foot rod that bends in a curve from the handle to the top. It will need to be one specially designed for use with a float.

Fishing Line

There are lots of different lines but it can be good to get one that is fairly study so that you do not risk breaking it. They also will need to be put on to a fishing reel. This can be a difficult thing to get right as you do not want it to twist when it is being loaded.

Fishing Reel

You will need a fixed spool reel.


There are different designs of float to choose from but they are really cheap. This means that you could try out a few different ones to see which you find the best. You may lose one or two as well, so it is good to have a selection of them just in case.


Hooks are pretty cheap as well so you can experiment with different types. Barbless ones are kinder to the fish and getting a size 14 should be about right, but it could be worth doing a bit of research and asking in the shop you go to.


This is vital for all anglers as it will remove the hook from the fish’s mouth in a humane way. They are very cheap too, so there is no need to go without one. You may also want to get an unhooking mat to help with this job as it will mean that you can put the fish on it rather than on the ground and it will be less damaged.

Landing Net and Pole

This is also an essential piece of kit to make sure that the fish is well taken care of. It will allow you to handle the fish properly as it comes out of the water without the risk of causing injury.

Seat Box or Chair

You will need somewhere comfortable to sit as you will be likely to be fishing for quite a while. You could use a chair, but often a seat box can be a good option as you can store items inside it and pack things away in it to make it easier to carry them to and from your destination to your car or home. You could use a separate tackle box. It is worth looking at the options and deciding which you think will offer you the best value for money.


You must not forget your bait and it is something which many people differ in their opinions of. It might be worth just going traditional and trying maggots to start with as they are good value for money, but you could investigate all of the other options and consider which you think will be the best. You will also need a box to put them in, but this may only need to be an old plastic tub of some sort but it will need a secure lid. You will need to put tiny holes in it though if you want your bait to be alive when you use it!

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