Some Extremely Useful Tips for Shore Fishing

Shore fishing refers to when you fish from the bank of a river or stream. Lake or pond or even on the coast. You can also use these tips for when fishing from bridges, jetties or piers.


It is good to know a few things and then you will be able to fish from any shore and start catching fish. The shore is a great location for anglers of any experience and you can catch all sorts of different types of fish both freshwater and saltwater depending on the location that you choose. There are lots of different locations though and these will vary, so it is a good idea to make sure that you understand some of the main differences before you decide which to choose.

Lakes and Ponds

A lake or pond can be an easy place to start. You will need a license and then you will be ready to explore. It is always a good idea to have a walk around to look for the best spots. You will be better off finding a more remote area or else you will be competing with other anglers who might attract the best fish, especially if they are more experienced than you. There also might be more noise which could scare the fish away. On the shore look for areas that might be good places to fish such as downed trees, rock piles, logs, vegetation or docks. A structure like this can help you to focus your fishing activity. Once you get going, you will need to cast your line parallel to the shoreline as fish will tend to be in areas close to the shore rather than out in the middle.

Rivers and Streams

You will need a licence for fishing on most rivers and streams. These can be a bit more challenging than still water, because of the currents but if you can find an area with less current and perhaps an island, sand bar, log jam or rock pile that can be helpful. Most fish will face the current and wait for food to drift by so you will have to be a bit sneakier and try to find them rather than waiting for them to find you. Game fish will tend to stay away from currents though so it could be wise for you to do so as well.

Saltwater Coastlines

Piers and bridges can be useful structures to fish from. The fish will be attracted to the structures and so you may be more likely to be able to catch some. You may prefer to cast from a beach and if this is the case then look for tidal currents, pockets and shallow sloughs where you are more likely to find fish. It can be easier to start on a solid structure as you will not have to worry about the tides so much and you will have a firmer footing underneath you.

These three places vary a lot and so you will be best to choose one and then stick to it. This is because they require different equipment and techniques and it is easier to gain some great skills if you stick to specialising in one area compared with diversifying too much. If you are not sure which to choose then it can be tricky. The best thing to do is to talk to people who are anglers and perhaps see if they will lend you some kit or let you join them and have a go and this will enable you to be able to decide which you think will be the most fun for you. Of course, you may already know what type of fish you want to catch and that will help with your decision.

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