The Different Types of Common Fishing Methods

There are different methods for fishing and they might be used for different types of fish or different types of water. It is fun to learn about them and then try them out to see which will suit you and the water that you are fishing in.

Drop Shot Fishing

This is mainly used for perch fishing but can be used for pike, zander and other predator fish. You need a small rod with a short handle and fixed spinning reel. Use a wight which is long and cylindrical and you can use any hook. Pull 4 or 5 feet of line through the rod and tie on the hook at a right angle to the line and pointing upwards. Attach the weight and then cast allowing the weight to fall to the bottom and slowly reel in while lifting or jiggling the tip of the rod up and down. Try different speeds until you get a successful catch.

The Leger

This is used for tench, carp, bream and barbel and uses a weight and a swing tip or bite alarm. There are different methods. You can fix the lead to the main line and it should sink to the bottom after casting. A running lead is one that will move along the line and can be used for catching chubb or barbel. In both methods you may need to experiment with changing the line length between the weight and the hook. You can also experiment with using a feeder instead of a weight.

The Pellet Waggler

This is a short float and it is used for carp fishing as well as for other fish feeding near the surface. It comes in different styles so you may want to try a few but what you choose may depend on the fish you are trying to catch. They can be used for any bait not just pellets and they are tied close to the hook so that they attract the fish to bite.

The Spod

A spod is a tube like rocket which opens at one end and filled with bait. It is attached to a line with a strong rod and is useful when casting some distance away. This is because, due to its shape, it will turn upside down and empty its bait out into the water when it hits the water. It is essential to cast accurately though as you want to keep the bait in the same area each time. You can help this by clipping the line to the reel so it is the same distance each time. The bait used will depend on the fish that you are targeting.

The Chod Rig

This is a pop up rig which allows anglers to let out bait in a dark or muddy water so it can be more easily seen. They are particularly used for carp fishing and help to prevent bait from getting buried and unseen.

It may not be easy to know which to pick. Obviously, it may depend on the type of fishing you are doing, the location and the type of fish you are catching. It can be worth experimenting a bit to find out which you like the best or which works the best for you. Remember, although catching a lot is great, if you are fishing for fun, then find something that you find fun to do so that it is enjoyable. If you choose a method that you find frustrating or difficult then it may just put you off even going fishing or you may go less often and you do not want that.

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